Papery delights

inspired by children’s classics. 

Immerse yourself in the world of a favourite story each month 

with a papery treat from Whimsy and Wonderland Paper Club. 

There is a reason why children’s classics stay with us long beyond childhood. When first visit them as children, books enchant us, whisk us away and grow our imaginations. When we return to the landscape of our literary childhood as adults we find familiar faces but we are able to grow and change and see extra wonders in these wonderful books.   

They change us, challenge us, grow our imagination. They matter. 

I started Whimsy and Wonderland because I wanted to be able to dwell in the wonderful tales told in children’s classics more deeply, and to be able to share the love of great literature more easily with others. I love to explore the connection between our favourite stories and our own everyday narratives, and wanted a fun way for us to celebrate the role of books in our lives.





Whimsy and Wonderland Paper Club 

Subscribers receive a selection of accessories and papery delights each month, themed around a classic children's book. Think hand lettered cards, notebooks, prints, and extras each month, a wonderful surprise through the postbox.   

Book club members get all the papery goodness plus a beautiful edition of the book that the month has been themed around.