Dwelling in the worlds of favourite children's classics 

Whimsy and Wonderland Paper and Book club are all about celebrating and immersing ourselves in the best of children's books. Whether you're an adult who has never lost the magic of those wonderful words who wants a bookish treat each month, or you want to share the love with younger ones in your life, each month brings a box of delights through your letterbox. 

Whimsy and Wonderland Paper & Book Club was created by me, Zoe - illustrator and writer at Zoeprose. I wanted to be able to share and celebrate these classic children's books with others young and old, letting us dwell more richly in our favourite literary landscapes and remember why these stories matter whatever our age. 

I love finding ways to share my favourite books with my little ones- through reading aloud, filling our home with things related to stories, and so many other ways. It has been such a joy to see their love of stories grow and grow along with my own love of books.